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Lady Spencer-Churchill

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Clementine, married Winston Churchill in 1908.

Born 75 Grosvenor Street as Clementine Hozier. Recorded as the daughter of Sir Henry Hozier and Lady Blanche Hozier, but it is widely accepted that Sir Henry was not the father.  Potential candidates discussed are: Capt. William George "Bay" Middleton and the 1st Baron Redesdale (grandfather to the Mitford sisters) the husband of Blanche's sister.

Died at her London home, 7 Princes Gate.

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Lady Spencer-Churchill

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Clementine Hozier (Churchill)

Clementine Hozier, 1885 - 1977, lived here from 1903 until her marriage in 19...

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Winston Churchill - Morpeth Terrace

Winston and Clementine Churchill lived here from 1930 - 1939.

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Lady Spencer-Churchill

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Churchill statue - Parliament Square

12 foot high, bronze. Unveiled by Lady Churchill.

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Kensington Town Hall - Churchill

The Sequoiadendron giganteum, otherwise known as the Giant Redwood, was disco...

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