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Dame Mary Hartopp

Dame Mary Hartopp

Person  Female  Born 1623  Died 17/12/1684

Categories: Friend / family

This lady seems to be entwined in some mind-boggling intermarriages with the Fleetwood family.  The book 'The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Stoke Newington' criticises Stow's Survey for identifying her as Fleetwood's wife and thinks she might instead be Fleetwood's son-in-law's mother (We think she's both).  That would make her Mary, daughter of Sir John Coke, of Melbourne, Derbyshire, who married Sir Edward Hartopp, 2nd Baronet (c.1608–1658) and had two children.  Here's her Family Search page.  That together with page 77-78 of the aforementioned book, if we are untangling them right, tell an amazing story of inter-marriage that falls just this side of incestuous.

Fleetwood's two children (Elizabeth and Smith) by his first marriage married a pair of siblings (John and Mary Hartopp). They were the children of Sir Edward and Mary Hartopp.  Sir Edward died in 1657 and in 1664 Mary married Fleetwood, the father-in-law of both her children.  Actually we can't get the date for when Elizabeth and John married and the other pair married in 1666, two years after their parents' wedding.

This is all confirmed by The Peerage with the exception of Fleetwood's son, Smith, and Smith's wife, Mary, neither of whom is mentioned there.  But they are both mentioned in British History on-line, which is probably where the book got the information.

Dame Mary was buried in Bunhill burial ground.

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Dame Mary Hartopp

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