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Berlin Airlift

Event  From 1/8/1948  To 12/5/1949

Categories: Armed Forces

Countries: Germany

After WW2 Berlin was divided into 4 sectors, controlled by Britain, France, the USA and the Soviet Union respectively. Berlin was inside East Germany which was also controlled by the Soviets. This meant that the 3 western-controlled sectors of Berlin were totally surrounded by the Soviets. As the Cold War began to grip, the Soviets took advantage of this situation and blocked access to West Berlin by land or water. This left the air ...

The people of West Berlin were effectively under siege and needed all supplies (food, fuel, etc.) brought in by air. Two million Berliners were provided with up to 2,000 tons of food and supplies per day. The flights were all short hops from West Germany. This went on for 15 months and was so clearly successful that the Soviets cancelled the blockade. Round 1 to the West.

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Berlin Airlift

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Berlin Airlift

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