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Alfred Reynolds

Alfred Reynolds

Person  Male 

Categories: Philosophy, Poetry

Countries: Hungary

Hungarian poet and philosopher.

With such a common name and no birth or death date to go on, we could find little about this man on the web. However stormloader contains the following:

". . . .a Hungarian liberal guru named Alfred Reynolds, who had fled to England from the Communists and the Nazis before the war. Although I liked Alfred, I found his atheistic liberalism naive and shallow, and soon became unwelcome at the weekly meetings at his home in Dollis Hill because I raised too many objections. Alfred regarded religion as another name for superstition, and sometimes referred to priests as 'crows in black'. He felt that all society needed to create a heaven-on-earth was more tolerance." That sounds like our man, doesn't it?

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Alfred Reynolds

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Alfred Reynolds

Alfred Reynolds, Hungarian poet and philosopher lived here 1980 - 1993.

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