St Jude and St Paul's church

Site: St Jude and St Paul's church (2 memorials)

N1, Mildmay Grove North

The church, the school and the vicarage are all in very distinctive Kentish ragstone and occupy the whole western end of this street block. Our photo was taken from St Jude Street.

The enlargement stone is near the ground, below the large Gothic window you can see in the photo. The plaque about the tower is on the wall of the tower, out of sight in our photo, round to the left.

St Jude's was built by architect Alexander Dick Gough in 1855 along with the associated school immediately to the north. Church enlarged in 1871. Tower and spire restored in 1911. Joined with St. Paul's in 1982.

We can't find confirmation but we think the St Paul's referred to might be the one at the junction of St Paul's Road and Essex Road, shown here, now St Paul's Steiner School.

This section lists the memorials located at this site:
St Jude and St Paul's church


St Jude - enlargement

This memorial stone was laid on the 8th day of June 1871 to the Glory of God,...

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St Jude - tower

AMDG stands for “Ad maiorem Dei gloriam”, the Latin motto of the Catholic Jes...

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