Webheath Estate

Erection date: 4/5/1968


{In raised concrete: the Camden Council logo and:}
This stone was laid on the 4th May 1968 by the Mayor.

The Worshipful the Mayor - Alderman Mrs Millie Miller, JP
Chairman Housing Committee - Councillor V. A. Bonafont, JP
Chairman Planning and Development Committee - Councillor Roy E. Shaw
Chairman Building Committee - Councillor R. Collins
Town Clerk - B. H. Wilson, MBE, MA, LLB
Borough Architect - S. A. G. Cook, ARIBA
Housing Manager - L. Rowley, FIHM, MRSH
Building Surveyor and Manager - A. E. Ullmer, FI, Mun, BM

This was a good, well-designed, commemorative stone. But then (we surmise) one of the committee people realised that their efforts had gone unrecognised - a plaque had to be added, listing all those who had had a hand in the project, no matter that it ruined the simplicity of the design. In retaliation we have not honoured any of them with their own page (except the Mayor - already published for another memorial). Take that, committee members!

Site: Webheath Estate (1 memorial)

NW6, Palmerston Road, Webheath Estate

At Kilburn and Willesden History we learn that this commemorates the start of the building of the estate in May 1968 and the first stage of the Estate was opened two years later.

At that time the Council were proud of the accommodation they built - their logo is in the concrete of this memorial and repeated in the bricks at the western entrance, shown at this other memorial. Note: the logo has nothing to do with recycling, it was designed in 1965 and represents interlinked hands.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Webheath Estate

Subjects commemorated i

Councillor Mrs Millie Miller

Born as Millie Haring on 8 April 1922 her birth was registered in Shoreditch....

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