Turkish gun

Turkish gun Turkish gun

Erection date: 1802


{On a plaque laid in the ground, at the front:}
Turkish Gun, made by Murad, son of Abdullah, Chief Gunner in 1524, taken in Egypt by the British Army 1801. The gun is inscribed: The Solomon of the age, the Great Sultan Commander, the dragon guns (to be made). When they breath roaring like thunder. May the enemy's forts be raised {sic} to the ground. Year of Hegira 931. {931 in the Islamic calendar translates as 1524}.

{Stamped on a plaque attached to the middle of the axle at the front:}
Constructed in the Royal Carriage Department. Founded by J & E Hall Dartford

{Stamped on a plaque attached to the back, behind the croc.:}
This gun taken in Egypt by the British Army 1801

As our detail picture we have this most unlikely-looking crocodile, grinning manically despite his legs looking all wrong.

Site: Turkish gun (1 memorial)

SW1, Horse Guards Parade

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Turkish gun

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