Tom Ossel memorial garden

Tom Ossel memorial garden Tom Ossel memorial garden

The Tom Ossel Memorial Garden
This garden of peace is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague Tom Ossel, who tragically died whist saving others. He was a dedicated firefighter who will be missed by all at Chiswick Fire Station.

{On the bench below:}
In loving memory of fire-fighter Tom Ossel 01.10.1982 - 18.07.2011 R.I.P.

Site: Tom Ossel memorial garden (1 memorial)

W4, Heathfield Gardens, Chiswick Fire Station

The garden includes a distorting mirror for short people.

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Tom Ossel memorial garden

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Tom Ossel

Chiswick firefighter from Bedford. Died in his guesthouse when shot by robber...

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