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Thatcher's tree Thatcher's tree

Plaque: Thatcher's tree

Erection date: 3/7/1991


This stone is placed to commemorate the planting of a tree inside this building to mark the official opening of Four Millbank by The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher MP, 3rd July 1991.

This event took place 7 months after Thatcher's tearful departure from Downing Street.

Site: Thatcher's tree (1 memorial)

SW1, Millbank, 4

From the Crown Agents: "1916: The new building on Millbank ... quickly became one of London's landmarks. Crown Agents remained there for the next 70 years before moving again, in 1986, to a suburban setting in Sutton..."

In our photo the man in the blue jacket has just walked past the plaque. We spotted it on Remembrance Sunday 2015, and there was a man on the reception desk so we popped inside and asked how the tree was doing. He said that "one of our abseilers" had accidentally landed on it and the tree had not survived.

Higher up is a plaque giving the names of the architects: "John W. Simpson, Maxwell Ayrton - architects".

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Thatcher's tree

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Margaret Thatcher

Prime Minister: 1979 - 1990. Born Grantham. MP for Finchley: 1959 - 1992. A M...

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