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St Govor's Well St Govor's Well

Fountain: St Govor's Well

Erection date: 1976


This drinking fountain marks the site of an ancient spring which in 1856 was named Saint Govor’s Well by the First Commissioner of Works later to become Lord Llanover. Saint Govor, a sixth century hermit, was the patron saint of a church at Llanover which had eight wells in its churchyard.

Site: St Govor's Well (1 memorial)

W2, Kensington Gardens

The Living Stream: Holy Wells in Historical Context By James Rattue, 1995 says "As his lands included the parish of St Govor in west Wales, he dubbed the public well he built in Kensington Gardens St Govor's Well; and within a few years an old woman was to be found next to it selling the waters."

The Library Time Machine have a lovely page with a photo of this site in Edwardian times, when there were steps down to a sunken drinking fountain.

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St Govor's Well

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Benjamin Hall, Baron Llanover

Benjamin Hall, 1st Baron Llanover, known as Sir Benjamin Hall 1838-59, civil ...

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