Reverend Joseph Harrison


Rev Joseph Harrison, 1857 - 1938, mathematician clerk in holy orders, lived here from 1900 until his death.
London County Council

The style of the plaque, its typeface in particular, made us question the LCC attribution so we enquired and English Heritage (now responsible for the plaques erected by LCC) have told us that they have no knowledge of this plaque. 

Private plaques are fine but should not lie about who erected them. Fake plaques can be fun when there is some humour or art, but this has neither. This is no way to honour the Reverend Joseph Harrison.

Site: Reverend Joseph Harrison (1 memorial)

W5, Webster Gardens, 23

Credit for this entry to: Alan Patient of www.plaquesof

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Reverend Joseph Harrison

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Rev. Joseph Harrison

Initially we had no information about this man but as soon as we published we...

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