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Relief bust - Palmerston Relief bust - Palmerston

Bust: Relief bust - Palmerston

This is clearly a portrait of a historical figure but with no inscription we have to guess who.  Given its location we initally assumed he was related to the history of Texas and, by examining pictures, we fingered Jackson, who recognised Texas an an independent republic or Polk, who officially integrated Texas into the Union.  But our colleague Jamie Davis, wrote to say that it's Palmerston, who lived in this square for a time, and gave this link: Walking Dickens London by Lee Jackson.  Thanks Jamie.

Site: Relief bust - Palmerston (1 memorial)

SW1, Pickering Place

Pickering Place, the smallest public square in Britain, is accessed via the alleyway beside the Texas plaque.   After we visited we learnt that this is one of the few streets in London still light by a gas lamp.  Unlike others that we've found this armillary sphere carries no inscriptions. More on this tiny square at Londonist.

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Relief bust - Palmerston

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Lord Palmerston

Born 4 Park Street (which is now 20 Queen Anne's Gate) as Henry John Temple. ...

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