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Octavia Hill - NW1 Octavia Hill - NW1

Plaque: Octavia Hill - NW1

Erection date: 11/12/1995


Octavia Hill, a pioneer in housing reform built these cottages "for the people" in 1895. The were restored in their centenary year by the Octavia Hill Housing Trust.

{Below this there is a very small brass plaque:}
This plaque was unveiled by Baroness Blackstone, 11th December 1995.

Site: Octavia Hill - NW1 (1 memorial)

NW1, Ranston Street, 29/30

This charming street, still largely as built, was designed by Elijah Hoole. Most of it (5-11 and 21-37) is listed Grade II. It replaced the infamous slum Charles Street where W.T. Stead's prostitute, Eliza Armstrong, lived. As we researched this area we slowly cycled down a quiet side street passing a stopped car whose driver was having a mild dispute with two women on the pavement. We overheard one of the women say "I’m a reasonable person, I am - I can’t see me giving you a half hour and then walking off into the sunset without you paying me for it." Impossible not to be reminded of that other Eliza from this area and her "I'm a good girl, I am".

There is another plaque opposite, at number 8, "St Botolphs Cottages, 1895". And another one near number 34, which rather strangely, seems to have been placed in front of a down-pipe. The down-pipe has been repaired/replaced at some time, thus rendering the plaque illegible, but it used to read "Almond Cottages".

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Octavia Hill - NW1

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Octavia Hill

Housing reformer and co-founder of The National Trust.  Born at Wisbech, Camb...

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Octavia Hill - NW1

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Octavia Housing

Not-for-profit organisation with a strong track record in social housing and ...

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