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Norwegian WW2 gratitude Norwegian WW2 gratitude

Stone: Norwegian WW2 gratitude
War Memorial

Erection date: 1978


{On the south face:}
This stone was erected by the Royal Norwegian Navy and the Norwegian Merchant Fleet in the year 1978. We thank the British people for friendship and hospitality during the Second World War. You gave us a safe haven in our common struggle for freedom and peace.

{On the north face:}
This boulder was brought here from Norway where it was worn and shaped for thousands of years by forces of nature, frost, running water, rock, sand and ice until it obtained its present shape.

A large piece of pre-Cambrian granite mounted on three smaller stones, which give it a rather comical stance.

Site: Norwegian WW2 gratitude (1 memorial)

W2, Hyde Park

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Norwegian WW2 gratitude

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Norwegian WW2 gratitude

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