Monarchs - board in Wine Office Court

Monarchs list Monarchs - board in Wine Office Court

Under 15 Sovereigns
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, rebuilt 1667 in the reign of Charles II and continued successively in the reigns of:
James II : 1685 - 1688
Interregnum : Dec. 11.1688 - Feb. 13.1689
William III & Mary II : 1689 - 1702
Anne : 1702 - 1714
George I : 1714 - 1727
George II : 1727 - 1760
George III : 1760 - 1820
George IV : 1820 - 1830
William IV : 1830 - 1837
Victoria : 1837 - 1901
Edward VII : 1901 - 1910
George V : 1910 - 1936
Edward VIII : 1936
George VI : 1936 - 1952
Elizabeth II : 1952 - 2022

When they add Charles III we wonder if they will remember to also increment the "15" on this sign.

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EC4, Fleet Street, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Wikipedia lists 27 interregnums world-wide, but the brief monarch-less period referenced on these boards was the one brought about by the Glorious Revolution.

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Monarchs - board in Wine Office Court

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Queen Anne

Born St James's Palace. Reigned 1702 - 14. Married Prince George of Demark in...

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King Charles II

Reigned: 1660 - 1685. Born at St James's Palace. The son of the beheaded Char...

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King Edward VIII

Born as Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, at White Lodge i...

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King Edward VII

Reigned: 1901 - 1910. Born and died at Buckingham Palace. Victoria's eldest s...

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Queen Elizabeth II

Born 17 Bruton Street, to the Duke and Duchess of York. When she was 10 her f...

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Monarchs - board in Wine Office Court

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Monarchs - board on Fleet Street

Monarchs - board on Fleet Street

This board reads as if the pub has been rebuilt in each of the monarchs' reig...

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2017: Our colleague, Alan Patient, informs us that this plaque has gone.

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