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Marylebone's first car park Marylebone's first car park

Plaque: Marylebone's first car park

Erection date: 16/3/1965


Borough of St Marylebone
This stone commemorates the building of the first municipal car park in St Marylebone and was unveiled by the Mayor Councillor Derek Simon JP on the 16th March 1965.

L. A. M. Biel and Partners – Architects
Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Ltd – Contractors
Councillor H. H. Sandford OBE, DFM – Chairman Works Committee
S. G. Purkis OBE, MI Mun. E – Borough Engineer & Surveyor
S. J. Rutty LLB – Town Clerk

Site: Marylebone's first car park (1 memorial)

W1, Chiltern Street

Gosh, weren't we proud of our car parks, back then? The Westminster Audley Square Garage, erected 3 years earlier also boasts a plaque. But, 2012, there are plans for Chiltern Street car park to be redeveloped, incorporating, of course, "a triple level basement accommodating a car park".

A London Inheritance has reported on the stunning (but plaque free, as far as we could see) Welbeck Street car park, also slated for demolition unless someone quickly gets it Listed.

And Londonist have London's Glorious Curvy Car Parks: An Appreciation.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Marylebone's first car park

Information Subjects commemorated

First car park in Marylebone

The first municipal car park in St Marylebone was unveiled in 1965.

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Marylebone's first car park

Information Created by

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L. A. M. Biel and Partners

Architects active in 1965.

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Borough of St Marylebone

Created in 1900 from the parish of St Marylebone.  In 1965 it joined Paddingt...

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Councillor H. H. Sandford

Chairman Works Committee for the Chiltern Street car park in 1965. Luckily f...

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S. G. Purkis

St Marylebone Borough Engineer and Surveyor in 1965.

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