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Marconi birth - Bologna Marconi birth - Bologna

Plaque: Marconi birth - Bologna

Erection date: 1907


Qui nacque Guglielmo Marconi che su le onde della elettricità primo lanciò la parola senza ausilio di cavi e di fili da un emisfero a l’altro a beneficio della umanità civile a gloria della patria. 
Il comune per decreto, P. MCMVII

{Translates as:}
Here was born Guglielmo Marconi who on waves of electricity first sent word without the aid of cable or wire from one hemisphere to the other to the benefit of mankind and the glory of the homeland.
The commune by decree, P. MCMVII {1907}

{We're not sure what the P. means.}

1907 was the year that a regular transatlantic radio-telegraph service begun and the year that Marconi was recognised with a Nobel Prize. Even so, it's impressively early for the local commune to erect a plaque in his honour.

Thanks to our Italian consultant, John Hartley, for the translation.

Site: Marconi birth - Bologna (1 memorial)

Via IV Novembre, Bologna, Italy

Some of the pillars of this building have been graffitied "fascista", presumably in reference to Marconi's political affiliations.

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Marconi birth - Bologna

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Guglielmo Marconi

Born Bologna. Arrived in London, with his mother, in 1896 to patent his metho...

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