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Marc Bolan shrine - bust Marc Bolan shrine

Bust: Marc Bolan shrine - bust

Erection date: 13/9/2002


{On the front of the plinth:}
Marc Bolan, 25th anniversary 16th September 2002.

Sad to see them mourning you when you are here within the flowers and the trees.

Donated to TAG by Fee Warner.

Unveiled by Rolan Bolan, Marc's son, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Bolan's death. Paid for personally by Fee Warner.

Site: Marc Bolan shrine (10 memorials)

SW13, Queen's Ride

This site has evolved over the years from flowers place around the tree to become the shrine that it is today.  The steps were probably introduced to give visitors somewhere safe to stand, off the busy road.  Opposite the tree a sturdy notice board has been erected on which fans can attach their drawings, personal messages, etc.  The bust, in 2013, has been wrapped in a black feather boa with some purple tinsel, and decorated with a few white swans at the front.  

The risers of the steps provide space for small brass plaques - memorials for people related to Bolan, such as members of T Rex.  Plaques for Took, Currie, June Bolan, Finn and TAG are all on the top riser.  Dines occupies the first plaque space on the next riser down.

More photos and information at Flickering Lamps.

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Marc Bolan shrine - bust

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Marc Bolan

Singer and guitarist in his band T.Rex. Born as Mark Feld at Hackney General ...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Marc Bolan shrine - bust

Information Created by


TAG (T-Rex Action Group)

TAG is the legal leaseholder of the site of the Marc Bolan Shrine.  They arra...

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Jean Robillard

Canadian sculptor.

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Fee Warner

Secretary of TAG, she had been visiting 'The Bolan Tree' since the 24th Septe...

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Marc Bolan shrine - bust

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Marc Bolan shrine - plaque - Currie

Steve Currie, 20th May 1947 - 28th April 1981. Original bassist with T-Rex. ...

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Marc Bolan shrine - plaque - Dines

Peter (Dino) Dines, Dec. 17th 1944 - 28th Jan. 2004. Keyboards. A member of...

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Marc Bolan shrine - plaque - Finn

Mickey Finn, 3rd June 1947 - 11th January 2003. Mickey joined Marc in late 1...

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Marc Bolan shrine - plaque - June

To people who don't have any prior knowledge that last sentence is a bit of a...

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