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London's Burning! London's Burning!

Plaque: London's Burning!


London’s burning, London’s burning,
Fetch the engine, fetch the engine,
Fire, Fire!  Fire, Fire!
Pour on water, pour on water.

{Etching of the Fire}

The etching seems to be of late 17th century date but, like Discovering London, we cannot find it on the web so cannot name the artist.

This drinking fountain was probably erected about 2010.

Site: London's Burning! (1 memorial)

EC3, Monument Street

Brought to our attention by the splendid Discovering London who can find out nothing about it. Following our visit we can clarify that the small black box to which the plaque is attached is actually a modern drinking fountain, and it works!  Close to the spot where the Great Fire started.  Nice little joke to quote this poem and depict the great conflagration - on a water fountain. The City of London crest is attached low on the north side (visible in the photo).

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London's Burning!

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London's Burning!

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Corporation of the City of London

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