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Jamrach's Emporium - tiger Jamrach's Emporium

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Plaque: Jamrach's Emporium - tiger


{Plaque beneath a statue of a Bengal tiger and a boy:}
In the early years of the nineteenth century a full grown Bengal tiger, having just arrived at Jamrach's Emporium, burst open his wooden transit box and quietly trotted down the road. Everybody scattered except an eight year old boy, who, having never seen such a large cat, went up to it with the intention of stroking his nose. A tap of the great soft paw stunned the boy and, picking him up by his jacket, the tiger walked down a side alley. Mr. Jamrach, having discovered the empty box, came running up and, thrusting his bare hands into the tiger's throat, forced the beast to let his captive go. The little boy was unscathed and the subdued tiger was led back to his cage.

In memory of Jamrach's, any money collected from the fountain will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Site: Jamrach's Emporium (2 memorials)

E1, Pennington Street, Tobacco Dock

Tobacco Dock is a Grade I listed former warehouse, built in the early 19th century. In the 1990s it was converted into a shopping centre, with the intention of making it the 'Covent Garden' of the east end. The lack of other major retail outlets in the vicinity, and limited public transport, sent it into administration and closure.

The statues can just be glimpsed through the Pennington Street entrance. The building is now only open to the public when it is hosting events. We had to endure a visit to the London Gin Festival in order to gain access. 

As you may guess from the photos - when we visited our access was limited to balcony level.  The fountain seems dry and is unlikely to attracting many coins nowadays.

We cannot find the name of the sculptor.

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Jamrach's Emporium - tiger

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Jamrach's Emporium - tiger

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