Imperial College foundation stone


This stone was laid by His Majesty Edward VII King of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the seas, Emperor of India, on the 8th day of July 1909 for the new buildings of the Royal School of Mines, initiated by His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, and of the City and Guilds College of Engineering which, with the Royal College of Science, form integral parts of the Imperial College of Science and Technology.

This plaque is at eye level on the front of the pedestal to the left of the entrance, under the Wernher bust.

Apologies that we do not yet have a photo of this memorial.

Site: Imperial College (34 memorials)

SW7, Prince Consort Road, Imperial College

This building, the Royal School of Mines, (1906, Aston Webb). has 34 memorials: a foundation stone, 2 busts and 30 scientists' surnames plus Prince Albert, inscribed above the first floor windows.
The Beit bust is to the right of the entrance, Wernher's to the left. The foundation stone is on the front of Wernher's plinth.

The names read, left to right, starting in Exhibition Road: Tredgold, Rankine, Hopkinson, Watt, Whitworth, Wolfe Barry, Fairbairn, Armstrong, Stephenson, Brunel, Hawksley, and on Prince Consort Road: Bateman, White, Froude, Smeaton, Telford, Rennie, Unwin, Baker, Coode, Wheatstone, Kelvin, (entrance), Siemens, Percy, Murchison, HRH Prince Albert, De la Beche, Lyell, Bessemer, Ramsey, Judd

The names for Wolfe Barry, Unwin and Prince Albert are presented in decorative cartouches.

Apart from their association with this building and the surname we have no information about who these men are. The archivist at Imperial College could not help so we have done the best we can to identify them. Siemens was a large and successful family but we believe we have chosen the right one. We are very open to corrections, so let us know if you think we've got any of these names wrong.

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Imperial College foundation stone

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Imperial College

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine is an independent consti...

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Prince Albert

Born Schloss Rosenau, Coburg, Germany, as Albert Francis Augustus Charles Ema...

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Imperial College foundation stone

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King Edward VII

Reigned: 1901 - 1910. Born and died at Buckingham Palace. Victoria's eldest s...

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Imperial College foundation stone

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