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Hay's Wharf - riverside Hay's Wharf - riverside

Plaque: Hay's Wharf - riverside


Hay's Galleria
In the mid 1850's, following the steady rise of the River Thames as the commercial lifeline of the City of London, Sir William Cubitt was commissioned to build a new wharf around an enclosed dock. Ships from all over the world visited the new Hay's Wharf but the most beautiful were the tea clippers from India and China. By the end of the century, over 80% of perishable foodstuffs passed through the area which became known as the "Larder of London".
The great Hay's Wharf complex has been carefully restored to its former glory and those who visit the Galleria today stand on the same spot where the tall tea clippers edged their way into the dock 150 years ago.
London Bridge City 

{To the left: a picture captioned "Clipper Ship 'Flying Spur' 1862"}

{To the right: a picture captioned "Shackleton's 'Quest' in Hay's Dock, 1921"}

{Repeated around the border of the plaque:}
Pool of London

Site: Hay's Wharf - riverside (1 memorial)

SE1, Queen's Walk, Hay's Galleria

This brick pier has a matching pier to the right, bearing an exact duplicate plaque. 

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Hay's Wharf - riverside

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Sir William Cubitt

Civil Engineer. Born Norfolk. President of The Institute of Civil Engineers. ...

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Sir Ernest Shackleton

Born Kilkee, county Clare, Ireland. He led several Antarctic expeditions and ...

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Hay's Wharf

The land between Tooley Street and the Thames has been occupied by wharves an...

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Hay's Wharf - riverside

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London Bridge City

We'd never heard of this but apparently it is a "prestigious estate" of over ...

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Pool of London Partnership

From City of London : The Pool of London Partnership was established in 1996 ...

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