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Fetter Lane Society Fetter Lane Society

Plaque: Fetter Lane Society

Erection date: 9/5/1992


{At the top: the emblem of the Moravian Church: a round image of a lamb with the flag of St George surrounded with the motto:}
Vicit Agnus Noster Eum Sequamur {Our Lamb has conquered, let us follow him}.

{Below this:}
Site of meeting place of the Fetter Lane Society (1738) and Moravian Chapel. Congregation established 10th November 1742. Moravian Church Headquarters 1875. Destroyed in air raid 11th May 1941.

Unveiled and dedicated 9th May 1992.

Site: Fetter Lane Society (1 memorial)

EC4, Fetter Lane

Wilkes' statue can be seen to the left of our photo.

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Fetter Lane Society

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Fetter Lane Society

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