Festival of Britain - Churchill Gardens

Erection date: 1951


Festival of Britain, 1951, Award for Merit.

See a similar plaque in N7 for information about them.

Site: Festival of Britain - Churchill Gardens (1 memorial)

SW1, Churchill Gardens Road, Shelley House

From Municipal Dreams: "The first four blocks completed towards the eastern edge of the Estate – Chaucer, Coleridge, Keats and Shelley Houses – in 1950 won Festival of Britain Architectural Awards." This made us think there would be a plaque on each of the 4 buildings but we searched and found only one, on Shelley House. Municipal Dreams is an excellent source for information about the architecture of this estate.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Festival of Britain - Churchill Gardens

Subjects commemorated i

Festival of Britain

'A tonic for the Nation', The Festival was intended to cheer us all up after ...

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Adam Faith

Adam Faith

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Adam Faith (Terry Nelhams), 1940 - 2003, singer & actor born in a house on this site, destroyed by a V1 bomb in 1944. Ealing Council ...

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Hornsey Central Hospital - foundation stone, 1937

Hornsey Central Hospital - foundation stone, 1937

N8, Park Road, 151, Hornsey Central Health Centre

This extension opened in 1938.

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London Bridge - opened

London Bridge - opened

EC3, London Bridge

The plaque is on the east side of the bridge, at about the mid point.

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Sidney & Beatrice Webb

Sidney & Beatrice Webb

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Sidney Webb (1859 - 1947) and Beatrice Webb (1858 - 1943) social scientists and political reformers, lived here. Greater London Council

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WW2 at Guy's Hospital

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