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Eisenhower plaque Eisenhower plaque

Plaque: Eisenhower plaque


In this building were located the headquarters of General of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Commander in Chief, Allied Force, June - November 1942, Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force, January - March 1944.

Site: Eisenhower plaque (1 memorial)

W1, Grosvenor Square, 20

Eisenhower's office was the corner room on the first floor (for our American friends - this is the floor above the ground floor).  Discovering London has a photo of this building in the 1950's and gives its history: US Embassy 1938 -1960, then Canadian High Commission until 2013.

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Eisenhower plaque

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

President of the United States 1953-61. Born in Texas. 1915 graduated from ...

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