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Canadian WW2 firefighters Canadian WW2 firefighters

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Plaque: Canadian WW2 firefighters
War Memorial

Erection date: 2003


{On the floral emblem:} Canada fire fighters.

In memory of three members of the corps of (civilian) Canadian fire fighters:
Fireman J.S. Coull (Winnipeg) who died as a result of enemy action when a V1 flying bomb fell on part of Wildcroft Manor, adjacent to this site on 3rd July 1944, also section leader A. Lapierre (Montreal) who died in a road accident in Bristol on 30th April 1943, and section leader L.E. ("Curly") Woodhead (Saskatoon) who died while training in Hampshire on 16th June 1944.
The corps of (civilian) Canadian fire fighters comprised 406 firefighters who volunteered to assist the National Fire Service in the defence of Britain between 1942 and 1944.
These men were stationed in the four port cities of Southampton, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Bristol and their headquarters were located at 10-14 Inner Park Road, Wimbledon.

{On the badge:} AFS
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Site: Canadian WW2 firefighters (1 memorial)

SW15, Telegraph Road, The Telegraph Public House

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Canadian WW2 firefighters

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Canadian WW2 firefighters

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