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Bowler plaque - Decorated Hand Bowler plaque - Decorated Hand

Plaque: Bowler plaque - Decorated Hand

Erection date: 1995

Mehndi is the use of henna to decorate hands etc. in India and neighbouring countries. It is used particularly by women for festive occasions, such as weddings, religious events and traditional ceremonies.

This cast-iron roundel is one of 22 - see Bowler's page for more details.

Site: Bowler plaque - Decorated Hand (1 memorial)

E1, Brick Lane, Spitalfields Health Centre

Spitalfields Health Centre was built in 1984. We've pored over maps and can't see that there was ever a significant building on this site that would be associated with mehndi decoration.

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Bowler plaque - Decorated Hand

Information Created by

Keith Bowler

We cannot find any information about Bowler himself, only that in c.1990-2010...

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