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Bermondsey Library - 5 - unknown Bermondsey Library - key stone busts

Bust: Bermondsey Library - 5 - unknown

The weather has removed all the hair and costume details which are essential for any chance of identifying the person represented. Chaucer is an obvious candidate but he's always bearded. Any ideas?

Site: Bermondsey Library - key stone busts (7 memorials)

SE16, Spa Road, Old Bermondsey Library / Kagyu Samye Dzong Buddhist centre

The busts are on the keystones of the library first floor window arches, numbered left to right.  Ornamental Passions has posted about this building and also fails to identify number 5. The building was designed in 1890-2 by John Johnson and opened by John Lubbock.  The library closed in 1989.

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Bermondsey Library - 5 - unknown

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