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Armenian Church - English plaque St Sarkis Armenian Church

Plaque: Armenian Church - English plaque

Erection date: 1922


To the everlasting and pious memory of his beloved parents Mahtesi Sarkis and Dirouhi Gulbenkian this Holy Church of Saint Sarkis was erected with devotion and love for his country by Caloust Sarkis Gulbenkian during the patriarchate of his Holiness George V. Catholicos of all Armenians in the year of our Lord 1922 and of the Armenian era 1372. Blessed be their memory.

Site: St Sarkis Armenian Church (2 memorials)

W8, Iverna Gardens, St Sarkis Armenian Church

From the church's website: "Chosen by Calouste Gulbenkian, architect Arthur J. Davis, in partnership with Charles Mewes, designed the scheme of the church based on the 13th century free-standing bell-tower of the church of the Holy Sign within the monastery of Haghpat in Armenia. ... St. Sarkis is a departure from the kind of architecture associated with the firm, but its calm elegance fits in with the spirit of their work.

The foundation stone of St. Sarkis Church was laid in February 1922 and the consecration of the church took place on 11 January 1923. The adjacent vicarage was built at the same time. In 1937 an apsidal baptistery was added on the north side of the church and a new western entry made to secure extra seating. Later in 1950 a sacristy was added in the south-east side of the church. All these additions were built by Holloway Brothers and designed by Davis and Mewes. The whole of the exterior (including the church and turret roofs) is constructed in Portland stone."

The Armenian plaque is above the northern entrance; the English one above the western door.

RBKC is an interesting 2002 pdf about this building and its architects.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Armenian Church - English plaque

Information Subjects commemorated

Sarkis and Dirouhie Gulbenkian

Parents of Caloust Gulbenkian. 'Mahtesi" is an honorific title, originally re...

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George V of Armenia

Chief bishop and spiritual leader of Armenia's national church, 1911-30.

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Armenian Church - English plaque

Information Created by

Caloust Sarkis Gulbenkian

Born in what is now Istanbul. His father was already in the business of oil i...

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Armenian Church - English plaque

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