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Alfred Young Alfred Young

Plaque (lost): Alfred Young


In memory of DC Alfred Young, KPM, who was fatally shot whist on duty 14th July 1915.

This plaque was found packed away when the building was being cleared in 2013 prior to sale. Our photo of the plaque comes from Met Police. That site makes no comment on the look of the plaque but it is more in the style of the late 20th century, rather than early that century. Which makes its history even more puzzling: when and why was it created? Then we found Young's full story at History of Kilburn and West Hampstead which explains: "Marianne Colloms and Dick Weindling included Young’s tragic death in their ‘The Good Grave Guide of Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Road’, which prompted a plaque to be made in his memory. This was discovered when Hampstead Police Station closed and hopefully it will be found a new home."

Site: Alfred Young (1 memorial)

NW3, Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead Police Station

June 2013 police station closed: sold, and newspaper reports referred to the discovery of the plaque and a vague plan to "re-erect" it in the foyer of the building when it reopened.

2014: building now private housing. We visited and got as far as a foyer but no plaque visible. Asked pleasant young lady behind desk who know nothing about it.

2017: Islington Tribune reports on plans for the building to become a school. They published a photo of the building when it was still a police station, for which we thank them.

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Alfred Young

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Alfred Young

Aged 35, Detective Sergeant Young was shot dead on duty on 14 July 1915 while...

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