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Admiral Robert Fitzroy - SE19 Admiral Robert Fitzroy - SE19

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Plaque: Admiral Robert Fitzroy - SE19


Admiral Robert Fitzroy, 1805 - 1865, explorer and pioneer of weather forecasting. Captain of HMS Beagle that took Darwin to the Galapagos Islands.
Croydon's Heritage

Site: Admiral Robert Fitzroy - SE19 (1 memorial)

SE19, Church Road, 140

We can't find confirmation but we think this is site of the house where Fitzroy died, at his own hand, in 1865. The address given for that event is Lyndhurst, Westow Hill,Upper Norwood. But the road called Westow Hill now doesn't look as if, in 1865, it would have had accommodation appropriate for a man of Fitzroy's standing. And "Westow Hill" could have been a description of the area, rather than the name of a road. And Lyndhurst could have been the name of the grand house that this estate later replaced. All conjecture - if only the plaque were more precise.

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Admiral Robert Fitzroy - SE19

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Admiral Robert Fitzroy - SE19

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Croydon Council

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