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A.B. Cloutman A. B. Cloutman & Hornsey Y.M.C.A.

Plaque: A.B. Cloutman


In memory of A.B. Cloutman, 1861 - 1933, founder and first President.

Site: A. B. Cloutman & Hornsey Y.M.C.A. (2 memorials)

N8, Tottenham Lane, 184, Hornsey Young Mens Christian Association

The Cloutman plaque is above the one about the extension, to the left of the bus.

In 1995 Donald H. Dakin wrote a book “A Story Told in Wonder: Ninety Glorious Years of effort and achievement: The History of the Hornsey Y.M.C.A. 1903 – 1993”  Its contents include: The YMCA: Its Origin and Background; Three Men of Faith; Muir Beddall Founds the Crouch End YMCA; Building on Success; The Move to Manor House; Forward With the Past; A B Cloutman: The Vision Beckons; From Manor House to Tottenham Lane; A Dream Comes True; Days to Remember; The Cloutman Memorial Boys' Club; The Years of Unrest; The Post-War Challenge; No Way But Forward; The Hornsey Lectures: Sporting Heroes & Their Stories; The Hornsey Lectures: Insights Into Various Walks of Life; Looking from the Past to the Future; Ninety Years On. 

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A.B. Cloutman

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A. B. Cloutman

Philanthropist.  Alfred Benjamin Cloutman (but always known as A.B.).  Born B...

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A.B. Cloutman

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This stone was laid by Sebastian Earl to commemorate the extension of Hornsey...

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