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1 Poultry - Loriners' Trade 1 Poultry

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Tony Tugnutt

Plaque: 1 Poultry - Loriners' Trade


Site of the Loriners' Trade, 11th - 13th centuries
Corporation of London

Site: 1 Poultry (6 memorials)

EC2, Poultry, 1

Number One Poultry, built in 1995 in a post-modern style, and voted by Time Out readers the fifth worst building in London. Designed by the architect James Stirling, it was only erected after a hard-fought battle to preserve one of the buildings it was replacing, the Mappin and Webb building.

The foundation stone is in the passage shown in our photo: "This foundation stone of Number 1 Poultry in the Ward of Walbrook in the City of London was dedicated by Lady Stirling in the year of our Lord 1995 on Tuesday 4th July. James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates - architects".

The destruction of this corner of London did at least give the archaeologists a rare opportunity to do some serious digging and many of their finds are at the Museum of London. Also, the ruins of St Benet Sherehog can be seen in the basement rooms of Number One, apparently.

We have treated each of the four panels of the frieze as a separate memorial (so that we can have more photos) and put the information that applies to all of them on the first, Edward VI.

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1 Poultry - Loriners' Trade

Information Subjects commemorated

Loriners' Trade

The Loriner makes and sells bits, bridles, spurs, stirrups, saddle trees and ...

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1 Poultry - Loriners' Trade

Information Created by

Corporation of the City of London

In addressing the 'square mile' concept Londonist has provided a potted histo...

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1 Poultry - Loriners' Trade

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