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Lissenden Gardens Tenants Association

Group  From 1972 

Categories: Community / Clubs

When we first researched this area in 2008 there were three plaques erected by the LGTA; others were erected later so we had to go back.  The first three plaques all end with the text "Awards for all". This reminds us of the Dodo in Alice in Wonderland: "Everybody has won and all must have prizes". It seems a particularly perverse motto for plaques, which by their very nature are erected for the select few. However, it actually indicates that the Lottery grants scheme of that name has, at least partially, funded the plaque.

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Lissenden Gardens Tenants Association

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Alice Zimmern

Alice Zimmern, 1855 - 1939, pioneering advocate for women's education and suf...

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Anthony Green

Lissenden Gardens Tenants Association Anthony Green, R.A., artist, lived her...

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Haydn Wood

Haydn Wood, 1882 - 1959, composer, a much-loved master of British light music...

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James Hanley

James Hanley, 1897 - 1985, novelist and playwright, lived here. Lissenden Gar...

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Martin Shaw

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