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British Broadcasting Corporation

Group  From 1/1/1927 

Also known as the BBC or more affectionately, the Beeb.  Founded as the British Broadcasting Company on 18 October 1922 to do test radio transmissions from Marconi House in the Strand.  On 14 November that year the first BBC radio transmission was from station 2LO, at Marconi House, from which it had been sending test transmissions since 11 May.  That year John Reith was appointed as general manager.  The Company became the British Broadcasting Corporation on 1 January 1927. Television transmissions began from Alexandra Palace in 1936.

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British Broadcasting Corporation

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BBC Tower

The BBC (who else?) have a good post about their time here. Pity this plaque ...

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This plaque is on the front of this building, over to the left (out of our pi...

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Bush House

BBC - Bush House International radio, television and online content made here...

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John Logie Baird - IEEE

From The Register: "On the afternoon of 26 January 2017 – exactly 91 years to...

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Last Goon Show

The Camden Palace was home to the Goon Show through the 1950s.

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British Broadcasting Corporation

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BBC Television Centre - Arthur Lowe

Arthur Lowe, 1915 - 1982. BBC and the Heritage Foundation

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BBC Television Centre - Bill Owen

Bill Owen MBE, 1914 - 1999. BBC and the Heritage Foundation

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BBC Television Centre - Derek Nimmo

Derek Nimmo, 1930 - 1999. BBC and the Heritage Foundation

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BBC Television Centre - Dick Emery

Dick Emery, 1917 - 1983. BBC and the Heritage Foundation

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BBC Television Centre - Doctor Who - Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who - Jon Pertwee, 1919 - 1996. BBC and the Heritage Foundation

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