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6 Burlington Gardens - Locke 6 Burlington Gardens

Statue: 6 Burlington Gardens - Locke



Site: 6 Burlington Gardens (22 memorials)

W1, Burlington Gardens, 6

There are 22 statues on the façade of this building. Each is labelled with his (always 'his') surname. There are 12 at the top up against the sky (which don't photograph very well), listed left to right: Galileo, Goethe, La Place, Galen, Cicero, Aristotle, Plato, Archimedes, Justinian, Hunter, Hume, Davy. There are 10 lower on the building: Leibnitz, Cuvier, Linnaeus, Newton, Bentham, Milton, Harvey, Adam Smith, Locke, Bacon.
The building was constructed in 1866-9, as headquarters for the University of London (now in Senate House). For some years it was the Museum of Mankind, an outpost of the British Museum, but was recently acquired by the Royal Academy of Arts. This grand building, by Sir James Pennethorne, goes by the modest name of "6, Burlington Gardens".

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6 Burlington Gardens - Locke

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John Locke

Philosopher. Born Somerset. Wrote 'An Essay Concerning Human Understanding' a...

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6 Burlington Gardens - Locke

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