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Great Fire of London

Event   From 2/9/1666 To 6/9/1666

Categories: Tragedy

Started on a Sunday morning. After 4 days the destruction included:
- an area of one and a half miles by a half mile
- 87 churches
- 13,200 houses
- only 6 people are recorded as having died
- the Great Plague of 1665 was also brought to an end by the fire, possibly.

The fire started in the house and shop of the baker Thomas Farynor in Pudding Lane. The site is now marked by the Monument. But at the time many suspected a Papist plot and Robert Hubert obligingly claimed to have started the fire. He was a Frenchman who was not even in the country at the time but that did not save him from the scaffold.

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Great Fire of London

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