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Peter the Great statue Peter the Great statue

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Statue: Peter the Great statue

Erection date: 30/5/2000


{Side of left plinth:}
Peter the Great
Russian Czar, Peter the Great, arrived in England in January 1698 and stayed in Sir John Evelyn's house, Sayes Court in Deptford for four months. This monument is erected near the royal shipyard where Peter the Great studied the English science of shipbuilding. The monument is a gift from the Russian people and commemorates the visit of Peter the Great to this country in search of knowledge and experience.

{Rear of left plinth:}
Sculptor Mihail Chemiakin, USA.
Architect Viacheslav Bukhaev, Russia.

{Rear of right plinth:}
Скуаъптор михаиа шемякин (США)
Архитектор вяуесадв бухаев (Россия).

{Side of right plinth:}
Метр мервъи - веаикии россиискии царь пбтр веаикии россиискии царв пбтр веаикии приехад в январе 1698 годл поути уетыре месяца жиа вдцме сэра ажона эвеаина сэиес корт вдетфорде памятник воздвитнут у бывших

короаевских доков пае пбтр первыи изучал науку ангаииского корабаестроения монумент дар россииского народа в памягь зоо – аетия визита русскогоцаря в поисках знании и омыта.

{The above inscription is on marble which makes it difficult to distinguish between similar looking Russian characters. If anyone is willing to check it, we will happily make any corrections.}

Statue unveiled by Prince Michael of Kent, as Patron of the Peter the Great Tercentenary Committee.

Site: Peter the Great statue (1 memorial)

SE8, Glaisher Street

To the left of the Czar's statue is an ornate chair or throne. To his right is a statue of a court dwarf holding a ship and a globe. (The original intention was to have several dwarfs baring their buttocks!). At the rear of both the plinths is a triangular panel containing six spheres, and at the rear of the dais are seven panels depicting food and drink.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Peter the Great statue

Information Subjects commemorated


Sayes Court

Leased by John Evelyn from Charles II in 1663 and trashed by Peter the Great ...

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John Evelyn

17th century diarist and garden designer. Born and died Wotton, Surrey. Throu...

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Peter the Great

Born in Moscow as Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov. He was created joint czar with h...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Peter the Great statue

Information Created by


Viacheslav Bukhaev

Architect.  Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

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Mihail Chemiakin

Sculptor. He spent his early years in East Germany, where his father was serv...

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Prince Michael Duke of Kent

Grandson of King George V and son of George, Duke of Kent. Born Michael Georg...

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