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Orange Street Church Orange Street Church

Plaque: Orange Street Church


{On the plaque to the right of the door:}
Orange Street Congregational Church
This Church was founded in 1693 by Huguenot refugees who fled from France at the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. In 1776 the Chapel passed into the hands of the Church of England. The Rev. Augustus M Toplady, author of 'Rock of Ages' was one of its ministers.

The Chapel passed into the hands of the Congregationalists in 1787.

Adjoining the chapel was Sir Isaac Newton's house which was built in 1710 & condemned in 1913.

Mrs Jemima Luke, author of the beloved hymn 'I think when I read that sweet Story of Old' was a teacher in the Sunday School. A Copy of the hymn in her own handwriting is in possession of the church.

{Above the door:}
1693 Orange Street Chapel 1929.

Site: Orange Street Church (1 memorial)

WC2, Orange Street

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Orange Street Church

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Orange Street Chapel

Also known as the Leicester Fields chapel. Founded by Huguenot refugees who ...

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Mrs Jemima Luke

Author of the hymn 'I think when I read that sweet Story of Old'.

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Reverend Augustus M Toplady

Author of 'Rock of Ages'

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