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Netherlands Government in exile Netherlands Government in exile

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Plaque: Netherlands Government in exile


{Top plaque:}
Ge zijt vrij!
Pieter Gerbrandy. Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
5 May 1945.

{Lower plaque:}
You are free!
From May 1940 until August 1945 the Netherlands Government found refuge here in Stratton House.

A Dutch colleague confirms that 'Ge zijt vrij' translates as 'You are free', but he points out that it is rather archaic; almost the equivalent of saying 'Thou art free' in English. In modern Dutch it would read 'U bent vrij'.

5 May 1945 is the date the German forces surrendered in the Netherlands.

Site: Netherlands Government in exile (1 memorial)

W1, Piccadilly, 79, Stratton House

The building’s listed so we have the erection date: 1929.  We cannot find the date of erection of these plaques, but think they must have been there for many years; which makes it surprising that on a very public thoroughfare, they are so little known.  2013: we can find only two web reference: one English one Dutch.

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Netherlands Government in exile

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