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Nelson's column Nelson's column

Statue: Nelson's column

Erection date: 1843


{On the bronze reliefs around the base of the column, reading clockwise starting with the front, south face:}
England expects every man will do his duty. J. E. Carew - Sculp.
St. Vincent - 1797. M. L. Watson - Sculp.
Nile - 1798. W. F. Woodington - Sculpt.
Copenhagen - 1801, J. Ternouth - Sculpt.

Erected to commemorate the Trafalgar victory over Napoleon of 1805. The height, from top of hat to pavement is 170 feet and 2 inches, the distance from Victory's main masthead to the quarterdeck. Nelson himself is 17 feet (5 metres) tall, looking to his right to salute his fleet. The proportions of the column are copied from the columns at the temple of Mars Ultor in Rome - we got both pictures up on the screen side by side and we believe it. The bronze panels around the base depict some of Nelson's battles. Watson died before he could execute his design for his panel and Woodington completed it instead. Railton designed the column. The statue is by Baily. The lions at the base were added in 1867 and are by Landseer, but cast by Marochetti.
Shortly before the statue was installed 14 people indulged in a steak dinner at the top of the column.

There is a small version (about 4 foot high) of the statue in a side room at the Painted Hall in Greenwich, in the same room where they keep the table on which Nelson's body was almost certainly laid out on.

Site: Nelson's column (1 memorial)

WC2, Trafalgar Square

Some of the earliest ever photographs are of this being erected. At the four corners of the square are plinths holding octagonal lamps which are said to be the oil lamps from Nelson's flagship, Victory. Note: At the southeast corner of the square there is an extremely small police box. In 1826 there was a lamp then in 1926 a phone line and light were installed so the police could call for assistance. Sadly it is now a store room.

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Nelson's column

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Battle of St Vincent

A British fleet, lead by John Jervis, defeated a Spanish fleet almost twice i...

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Horatio, Lord Nelson

Born in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk. Naval commander who became a national hero a...

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Nelson's column

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E. H. Baily

From Bristol. Also did the Pallas Athenae at the entrance to the Athenaeum i...

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J. E. Carew

Born Tramore.

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Sir Edwin Landseer

Painter and sculptor especially of animals. Born 88 Queen Anne Street East, M...

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J. Ternouth

Born Andover.

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