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Westminster School - old boys fallen in Crimean War & Indian Rebellion

Westminster School - old boys Westminster School - old boys fallen in Crimean War & Indian Rebellion

Erection date: 1861


{We’ve numbered the plaques starting with the one facing south and proceeding anti-clockwise. for all the names see Subjects commemorated:}

{Plaque 1:}
To the memory of those educated at Westminster School who died in the Russian and Indian wars, AD 1854 - 1859, on the field of battle or from wounds or sickness, some in early youth, some full of years and honours but who all alike gave their lives for their country, this column was erected by their old schoolfellows, in token of sorrow for their loss, of pride in their valour and in full assurance that the remembrance of their heroism in life and death will inspire their successors at Westminster with the same courage and self-devotion.

{Plaque 2:
List of 8 names.}
Russian War 1854 - 1856

{Plaque 3:}
List of 2 names.}
Russian War 1854 – 1856

{Plaque 4:}
List of 9 names.}
Indian War 1857 - 1858

The inscription was written by the Rev. T. W. Weare, Under-Master of Westminster 1841-1861.

Our information comes from Westminster Abbey. We'd already attempted to transcribe the text and the lists of names before we found that some of the names and their brigades, etc. are badly corrupted by the weather. This information is given on the website, actually more fully than on the monument, so we've used that on the pages for each man. War Memorials Online has photos of the plaques.

Site: Westminster School - old boys (5 memorials)

SW1, Broad Sanctuary

From Westminster's Conservation Audit: This Listed grade II monument was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott. It is in a high Victorian Gothic with a main column in a polished red granite surmounted by a lantern cross and a statue of St. George, by J. R. Clayton.

Apparently a 'lantern cross' should be in the shape of a lantern but does not need any attributes of a cross. This lantern, above the capital and below St George, contains 4 statues of English monarchs carved by J. B. Philip which we have numbered, starting at the south and proceeding anti-clockwise.

Waymarking also has an entry for this monument.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Westminster School - old boys fallen in Crimean War & Indian Rebellion

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Crimean War

War between Russia and an alliance of France, Germany, Britain, Turkey and th...

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Indian Rebellion / Indian Mutiny

A major, but ultimately unsuccessful, uprising in India against the rule of t...

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Old boys of Westminster School

Those who died serving in the Crimean War and Indian Rebellion.

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Lord Raglan

FitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan. Commander in the Crimean War 1853 - 56. I...

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Cornet William George Hawtrey Bankes

Died as a result of serving in the Indian War 1857-8. HM 7th Hussars VC. Wiki...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Westminster School - old boys fallen in Crimean War & Indian Rebellion

Created by i

J. R. Clayton

Born John Richard Clayton. In partnership with Alfred Bell (1832–95) ran a co...

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John Birnie Philip

John Birnie Philip was born on 23 November 1824 in London, the third son of t...

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Sir George Gilbert Scott

Architect. Born in Gawcott, Buckinghamshire. Often styled 'Sir Gilbert Scott'...

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Westminster School - old boys fallen in Crimean War & Indian Rebellion

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