St Mary's Hospital - WW1 memorial

St Mary's Hospital - WW1 memorial St Mary's Hospital - WW1 memorial

{On a frieze along the wall to the left of the entrance:}
To the glorious memory
{On a stone plaque below this: a reverse relief of a running fox (coloured)} 

{On a frieze along the wall to the right of the entrance:}
of the Fifth Army, 1916 - 1918.

The red fox was the insignia of the Fifth Army.

Site: St Mary's Hospital - WW1 memorial (1 memorial)

W2, Norfolk Place, St Mary's Hospital - Cambridge wing

The ugly modern entrance, plonked on the front of the building, has totally ruined the integrity of this memorial.

We were surprised to learn that Albert Speer, the Nazi leader, died at this hospital. He was convicted at the Nuremberg trials, served 20 years imprisonment and was released in 1966. He visited London in 1973 and again in 1981, when he suffered a stroke and died later at this hospital on 1 September.

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St Mary's Hospital - WW1 memorial

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Fifth Army

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