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Richard Cobden statue + Prisoner of War memorial Prisoner of War memorial

Erection date: 21/9/2012


{Beside a drawing of a PoW:}
In memory of the tens of thousands of British civilian and military personnel who suffered incarceration, many dying, in the Far East during the Second World War 1939 - 45, including those forced to labour on the Burma Railway. They ask for nothing but remembrance of their lives and a promise of peace for future generations.
Image by Ronald Searle, artist and prisoner of war who laboured on the Burma Railway.

{On the 3 circular plaques on the base, at the front (on the last two there may be more text obscured by the poppy wreaths.):}
Eternal thanks go to: Councillor Roger Robinson, Camden New Joural Editor Eric Gordon, Project Manager Shaun Pollard, architect Chris Roche, with special thanks to Chris Maynard, and the generosity of the readers of the Camden New Journal without whose help this project would not have been made possible.
Unveiled by Viscount John Slim on September 21 2012.

{Star and:} GRI VI, The Burma Star, Burma Star Assoc.

{Crest and:} London Borough of Camden

{On two small steel plaques attached to the base, behind the monument:}
When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.
In memory of Pte, Ernie Neighbour and all those who suffered and died on the Burma Railway, lest we forget.

Designed by architect Chris Roche. The railway sleepers and track, symbolic of the Burma Railway, are placed in the form of a cross - the "universal symbol of human suffrance" says Roche. The text and a drawing by Ronald Searle are inscribed on a slate plaque attached to a slab of granite.

Viscount Slim was considered the appropriate unveiler because his father had led the 14th Army, the "forgotten army" in the Burma campaign.

Site: Richard Cobden statue + Prisoner of War memorial (2 memorials)

NW1, Camden High Street

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Prisoner of War memorial

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