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Obelisk - E8 Obelisk - E8

Obelisk: Obelisk - E8


{On the south face: at the top there are signs of something round having been removed, and on the lower section, pictured, there are traces of an inscription, now illegible.}

Site: Obelisk - E8 (1 memorial)

E8, Haggerston Road, Stonebridge Common, Duke of Wellington pub

From London Gardens On-line: "In 1883 the small triangular area in the north of the park today, comprising a quarter of an acre, was given as public open space to the Hackney Board of Works free of charge and was protected under the London Squares and Enclosures Preservation Act of 1906. In 1928 this was described as a 'triangular area enclosed by posts and rails and maintained as an asphalt playground with a number of trees around the border'. Since then this area has been largely paved and has an obelisk set in the middle, any inscription now quite worn away and obliterated. This is surrounded by a series of grassed mounds behind low brick walls that have niches for seats, and a number of planted tubs."

That's all we could find on the web about this monument, though apparently Iain Sinclair's 'Lights Out For The Territory' mentions it.  We'd love to know more, in particular: what did the inscription say?

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