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Kelso Cochrane murder Kelso Cochrane murder

Plaque: Kelso Cochrane murder

Erection date: 17/5/2009


Kelso Cochrane, 1927 - 1959, Antiguan carpenter, was fatally wounded on this site. His death outraged and unified the community, leading to the lasting cosmopolitan tradition in North Kensington.
Nubian Jak Community Trust
History talk in association with 1958 Remembered
Sponsored by Kensington Housing Trust 

Site: Kelso Cochrane murder (1 memorial)

W10, Golborne Road, Earl of Portobello / Golborne Grove Bar and Restaurant, 36

From the BBC: Mr Cochrane was returning home from a visit to the local hospital when he was attacked by a white gang.  One of the men stabbed Mr Cochrane in the heart with a stiletto knife. The group ran off after three men went to help.  Mr Cochrane died an hour later after being taken to hospital.  His murder was never solved due to a lack of evidence.  More than 1,200 people attended his funeral in 1959.  The police said his murder was not racially motivated, but many in the community, both black and white, believed it was the first racist killing of a black man in modern Britain.

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Kelso Cochrane murder

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Kelso Cochrane

Came to London in 1958, lived in Notting Hill and worked as a carpenter.  Mur...

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Kelso Cochrane murder

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Kensington Housing Trust / Catalyst Housing

Started as Ealing Family Housing Association.

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We learnt in April 2013 that this community history group had folded.

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