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General Gordon General Gordon

Statue: General Gordon

Erection date: 16/10/1888


{On the front of the plinth:}
Charles G. Gordon CB , Major-Gen. Royal Engineers
Killed at Khartoum, XXV1 January MDCCCLXXXV {26 Jan.1885}

{The be-foliaged cornice of the plinth carries references to Gordon’s campaigns:}
Crimea 1855
China 1864

{The left and right sides of the plinth each carry a large bronze relief.  The plinth frieze carries the titles, on the left:}
Fortitude, Faith
{Fortitude’s shield reads “Right fears no might”.}

{on the right:}
Charity, Justice

{Each panel is inscribed:}
Hamo Thornycroft 1888
{The attachment for the panel on the left has obliterated the last 2 digits.}

{Below the panel on the right, carved in the stone:}
Hamo Thornycroft, RA, Sc. 1888

{On the base of the statue:}
Hamo Thornycroft, ARA, Sc. 1887

Prompted by us publishing this statue Margaret Wright sent lots of information which enables us to add the following:

1888 this statue was originally erected in Trafalgar Square between the two fountains but was removed in 1943. 1953 it was re-erected in its current location but lacking part of its pedestal. An exact copy, with the full pedestal, was erected in Melbourne, Australia in 1889.

Gordon's School near Woking was founded by public subscription, at the express wish of Queen Victoria, as the National Memorial to General Gordon. This school holds a plaque commemorating Gordon's birth in Woolwich and another statue, showing Gordon atop a camel - quite something.

Birthplace: Plumstead Stories have a photo of the house where Gordon was born.   We’ve seen the address given as either “1 Kempt's Terrace, Woolwich”, or “29 The Common, Woolwich” so we guess it was where the current Kempt Street meets the South Circular – all redeveloped now. The plaque commemorating his birth, on display at the school, reads:

“General Charles George Gordon, born here 1833, killed at Khartoum 1885.
London County Council

{On a small blue rectangular plaque below:}
When 29 The Common, Woolwich SE18 was demolished in 1971 the above plaque was presented to the Gordon Boys’ School by the Greater London Council.”

The camel statue: George Pollen has posted a Youtube video which shows the plaque and the camel statue. Wikipedia sets the record straight regarding the movement of statues: “The Corps of Royal Engineers, Gordon's own Corps, commissioned a statue of Gordon on a camel. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1890 and then erected in Brompton Barracks, Chatham … where it still stands. Much later a second casting was made. In 1902 it was placed at the junction of St Martin's Lane and Charing Cross Road {where the Cavell statue now is}. In 1904 it was moved to Khartoum …. It was removed in 1958, shortly after the Sudan became independent. This is the figure which, since 1960, stands at the Gordon's School in Woking.”

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SW1, Victoria Embankment, Victoria Embankment Gardens - Whitehall section

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General Gordon

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Major General Charles George Gordon

Army officer. Born 1 Kempt's Terrace, Woolwich (presumably this is now the Ke...

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General Gordon

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Sir Hamo Thornycroft

Sculptor. Born William Hamo Thornycroft (but the William is normally dropped)...

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